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Spiritual Healing

I use my psychic gifts and insight to empower your life, encourage your path and nourish your gifts. I help with life skills, practical decision, emotional harmony and spiritual awakening to support you. Our connection through the spiritual word and through meditation, we can overcome all negative obstacles in your life.


Psychic, Tarot Card & Crystal readings as well as Spiritual healing & cleansing of the — Mind Body & Spirit. I specialize in Love life & relationships — uniting broken love and mending the hearts desires to open doors within that you've shut and embrace yourself with Guidance, Security & Truth!


Established in 2000
I am licensed city, county, and state. I have over 13 years experience in my field of work. I follow a long line of well known psychics throughout the nation. I am a 5th generation psychic as well.


"I first met Kitty several years ago after an intense heartbreak. I was a mess, struggling in both my personal and professional lives and unable to move beyond my trauma. Kitty patiently guided me to healing, helping me to not only find my way to a happier lifestyle but to develop all the necessary building blocks along the way so that I am now a stronger, more spiritual person. She has been unflinchingly honest, preparing me for each large life moment so that I was able to move over the significant life hurdles with grace. I am now working to establish myself in my career, happily in a loving relationship, and better equipped to maintain and improve these achievements. Kitty has been focused, honest, and nurturing, and without her I would not be the strong woman I am."

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